Through participation in the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Program and Downtown Delaware, the DNP models its approach to downtown revitalization after that of the National Main Street Program.  This approach centers on the use of committees dedicated to design, organization, promotion and economic development topics.  The committees are comprised of volunteers from a range of industries, interests and occupations, which helps to ensure that the diverse and unique atmosphere of downtown Newark is maintained.
The four committees meet at various dates and times. For further information please contact Megan McGuriman at 302-366-7000 or For agendas and minutes click here and select Downtown Newark Partnership.



The Design Committee focuses on the visual appeal of downtown Newark.  The main goal of the Committee is to improve its aesthetic and pedestrian scale qualities.

The Design Committee meets the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00 am at various downtown locations.  Please check postings at the City Municipal Building or call 302-366-7000. All meetings are open to the public.


  • Joe Charma
  • Howard Smith
  • Reid Rowlands
  • Linda Majewski
  • Ben Prettyman
  • Leila Hamroun
  • Ethan Robinson
  • Jason Winterling
  • Tim Poole




The Economic Enhancement Committee strives to ensure that Downtown Newark is a great environment for business. Functionally, the committee works to recruit new businesses, as well as retain our current downtown businesses through programs that foster a favorable downtown environment. This committee is always working to improve the business mix downtown by recruiting selectively the businesses that best complement existing establishments.


  • Marge Hadden
  • Bill Sullivan
  • Michael Smith
  • Frank Newton
  • Kim Reinagel-Nietubicz
  • Roy Lopata
  • Martin Wollaston
  • David Culver




Downtown Newark’s Events Committee has been working on improving existing events and adding new events for downtown since the beginning of the DNP in 1998. Each event, however, brings forth its own leaders, responsibilities, challenges and tasks, and therefore, the Events Committee is composed of several Ad Hoc Planning Committees, one for each major Downtown Newark Partnership event. The separate committees each have unique committee members and meeting times




The DNP’s Merchants Committee exists to open and maintain lines of communication between the merchants of downtown Newark and the rest of the Partnership - the City, University and citizenry.

The Merchants’ Committee strives to improve the image of downtown Newark, as well as foster growth through promotion of the area. Using retail promotions, advertising campaigns, and by fostering strong and open communication both ways between merchants and the other participants in the Partnership, the committee works to keep Downtown Newark vibrant. Communication and coordination between the various participants are key responsibilities of this committee