Merchant Enrollment Card Instructions

When you receive your gift card start up package, it will include your Downtown Newark Merchant Enrollment Card

We’ve outlined below the procedures you’ll need to follow in order to participate in this exciting new gift card program. By swiping the card through your point-of-sale (POS) equipment, we will identify the following:

• Your Business name and address
• Merchant Identification Number
• Terminal Identification Number(s)
• Merchant Category Code

Identifying this information will allow us to approve future gift card transactions at your participating location. If you do not swipe the card through each of your point of sale terminals within your store, we will not be able to approve future gift card transactions.


At your earliest convenience, once it’s received, follow the steps below to enroll your POS equipment in the program:

To Add a Location (Merchant and Terminal combination):

1.) Select PURCHASE and swipe the Merchant Enrollment Card
Note: If the POS terminal also has a PIN pad and accepts debit cards, you must also select CREDIT.

2.) Enter the dollar amount equal to the last four (4) digits of the 16 digit card number. For example, if the last 4 digits are “1234”, then enter “12.34” as the dollar amount.
Repeat this process for every terminal in your store where credit and debit cards are accepted for payment.

3.) To complete the process, fill out the enclosed Merchant Participant Information Form and return the form to us in the enclosed self-addressed envelope. Upon receipt we will validate your businesses participation in the program.

4.) Keep the card in a secure place. In the event you change acquiring processors or add or change/upgrade POS terminals, a new card swipe will be required so that we may update the terminal information.

To Delete Terminals:

1.) Select RETURN and swipe the Merchant Enrollment Card
Repeat the same amount entry as noted for the “add” function (last 4 digits of the card number as the return amount)

2.) Note: Although unlikely, the preceding “add” can be “deleted” using the VOID function if the originating PURCHASE is still available to the clerk for processing. The system will treat a purchase void and a return transaction identically.

Return Response Letter

To complete your businesses enrollment in the Downtown Newark Gift Card program, please respond to the questions below and enclose copies of the required forms. As always the DNP is here to support you. If you have questions regarding your participation in the program, kindly contact our offices at 366-7030.

• Business Name
• Primary Contact
• Position
• Business Phone Number
• Best time to contact by phone
• Business Address
• Merchant Acquiring Processor (if known)
• Number of POS Terminals in your location
• Date of POS Card Swipe
• Approximate time of POS Card Swipe
• Email address for enrollment confirmation


Letter of Card Acceptance
A copy of a letter that notifies your Financial Institution / Merchant Acquiring Processor of your intention to accept the Visa Private Label Prepaid Card

Use the enclosed self addressed envelope to return this form and acceptance letter. Our address is:

Downtown Newark Partnership
c/o CheckFreePay Corporation
15 Sterling Drive
Wallingford, CT 06492


We will notify you by email of your successful enrollment in the program. Please allow up to 2 weeks from the time that you notify your Financial Institution / Merchant Acquiring Processor of your participation in the program until you accept the card for payment.

This card is issued by First California Bank. CheckFreePay is a registered ISO of First California Bank.

This card is distributed and serviced by either CheckFreePay Corporation a licensed money transmitter, or CheckFreePay Corporation of New York, which is licensed as a Money Transmitter for payment services by the New York State Department of Financial Services.