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Sovereign Air, LLC employs 3D printers that run on Fused Deposition Modeling Technology (FDM). The computer-controlled paths are generated in 3D drafting programs such as , SolidWorks, AutoCad, Tinker Cad and etc., saved as an .STL file,. The .STL file is used to tell the printer the paths to follow. FDM is an additive fabrication process that builds parts layer –by – layer by heating thermoplastic materials to a semi-liquid state and extruding it based on computer- controlled paths. FDM uses two forms of material to produce a part; modeling material, which is the actual part material and support material (when required), which acts as a scaffolding to hold the part during the printing process. Material (filament) is fed to the extruder head which moves in X (left and right) and Y (forward and backward) coordinates depositing material to complete each layer before the build plate moves on the Z (up and down) axis starting the next layer. This process continues until the part is complete.


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